This Is Circus Programme in Schools

Greentop Circus

During the pandemic Greentop Circus have been creating and testing an exciting and accessible new Circus Programme for School children that can be delivered remotely.  Greentop Circus have been working closely with Year 6 Classes in Beck Primary School to develop this programme which is now available for schools.

The programme is delivered entirely remotely through especially created videos, lesson plans, circus kit and inspirational resources supplied to the school. The children explore a whole range of circus skills, develop creative routines and discover how it's great for their resilience and understanding how they learn.  It is also being adapted for blended learning with circus teachers coming into school when possible.

Following a 7 week circus programme, of the 42 children:

85% felt confident and happy doing Circus 
79% felt able to come up with new ideas
78% felt able to learn lots of different skills
76% felt circus helped them take on and succeed at difficult challenges
71% felt circus helped them to learn about other subjects

Its non competitive, collaborative and agility based. They loved the opportunity to co-create routines and explore ideas - they all developed and affinity for a particular skill and I saw less active kids definitely engage more

The novelty is really useful - inspiring them all as they’re starting from the same place. Lovely  to see them so engaged and excited

Beck Primary School Teacher.

Greentop Circus based in Brightside and have been delivering youth and adult classes, professional circus artist development, programmes and events for schools, communities and businesses for almost 25 years.

If you are in a primary school and thinking about how to get less active children on the move and are building your recovery curriculum - we might be able to help.

Email to hear more.

This project has been supported by the Arts Council and Create Sheffield.