Special Schools Community of Practice 

Matt Laurie

The Special Schools Creative Leads Community of Practice met for the first time on Thursday 26th November.  This project had been in the works for 2 years so it was really exciting to be able to finally get together. Schools that responded to the initial outreach work by Matthew Laurie, by nominating a member of staff to lead on creativity were represented at the meeting including: Rowan, Mossbrook, Seven Hills, Talbot, Woolley Wood, Bents Green, Sheaf Training Centre, Heritage Park and PACES.  

The principle of the group is that all members have expertise and passion for creativity and that through collaboration we can support each other and develop our creative practice.

Examples of creative practice on the Seven Hills Special School Twitter page

We began with some fascinating group discussions around the question “What is creativity” which was followed by some breakout rooms to discuss what the members greatest challenges are.  From this work we formed a number of project groups:

1) Developing an online exhibition 
2) Involving arts specialists in school
3) Developing a creative curriculum and
4) Accessing funding.  

These collaborations will now continue and we will be meeting again in January or February to consolidate and go deeper.

More great work on Seven Hills Special School Twitter page

Some feedback from the event:

"It was good to meet everyone who is so enthusiastic about creativity in our schools. It has also pushed me to talk to SMT at my school about how we are moving forward with our curriculum development."

"It was great to meet up with all the creative leads of special schools across the city - this is something that I've wanted to do for year!  it is also really reassuring to have somewhere where we can all go to to share ideas, collaborate and support each other!"

Lovely leaf printing on Seven Hills Special School Twitter page

Special Schools who have not yet nominated a creative Lead are welcome to join the group.  Please contact Matthew Laurie  (Special School Lead) on info@mattlaurie.com or 07896 977388

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