A guide to Create Sheffield, our city's cultural education partnership

Create Sheffield

Sheffield is one of the cities across England that has launched a Cultural Education Partnership. Across Yorkshire and the Humber, this is an initiative led by IVE, the Arts Council England’s Bridge Organisation, in response to the Cultural Education Challenge. We've named our Cultural Education Partnership Create Sheffield, and have registered ourselves as a charitable business.

Create Sheffield's ambition is that every child and young person in Sheffield experiences and participates in arts and culture from birth to adulthood, and that takes a lot of joined-up coordination. Strong partnerships & coordination are at the heart of what we do, allowing a wide range of opportunities and a wide range of different approaches. 

Why does this matter?

Arts and cultural learning is vital to the attainment and readiness of children and young people.

Why is cultural learning vital?  Because arts and culture:

  1. …improve educational attainment across the curriculum
  2. …promote economic growth
  3. …develop skills for the jobs for the future
  4. …improve mental health and wellbeing
  5. …develop transferable life and work skills
  6. …encourage civic and political engagement
  7. …provide routes to success for young people with special educational needs
  8. …level the playing field for disadvantaged students
  9. …promote community engagement and cohesion
  10. …make learning fun.


What problems are we trying to solve? 

Cultural learning is vital but access is unequal.

Who can get involved?

The success of Create Sheffield relies on as many different people getting involved as possible. This is a movement we encourage you to join! We need involvement from EVERYONE that the Sheffield Cultural Education Partnership will serve. This means those working in education, voluntary & community sector organisations, businesses, artists, parents and carers, young people and anyone else with an interest in Sheffield, arts, culture and education.

How will we work?

Take a look around our website which holds information and opportunities for how you might engage with us, and don't forget to sign up to our newsletter

We can't do this alone. If you want to join our movement or find our more. Get in touch.

Create Sheffield is indebted to the financial and practical support of IVE, the Arts Council Bridge organisation for Yorkshire and the Humber as well as commitment of Learn Sheffield who led on the development of Create Sheffield from 2016 onwards. During this Partnership Investment (PI) funded period, additional financial support has been provided by Sheffield Hallam University, Sheffield College, Sheffield Virtual School for Children Looked After, Sheffield Theatres, Sheffield Museums and Counter Context. Create Sheffield are grateful for the assistance of Rebecca Maddox from Sheffield City Council and the Sheffield Culture Consortium and all those who have served as board members, trustees, and observers.