Sheffield a Maker City at Get up to Speed - Culture & Leisure

On the 8th June 2022, lots of Sheffield school students visited our mobile makerspace at the Get up to Speed - Culture & Leisure event at Magna. With Maker{Futures} they had the opportunity to create a Sheffield backdrop in the style of local artist Jo Peel and build models of Sheffield landmarks using a variety of making skills.

Students print with Lego blocks and acrylic paint to create an amazing background

You can do the same by trying our Sheffield Adventure using boxes, blocks, cartons and other household materials. For the background, try using the rim of a cup to print wheels for a vehicle, you could use a fork to print fine lines for grass and the sides of a matchbox or lego blocks can be used for printing bricks on buildings.

Everyday materials such as tin foil are great for reproducing some of Sheffield’s most iconic buildings. Look at this wonderful recreation of the ‘cheese grater’ building on Charles Street. This was made by weaving pieces of tin foil over a cardboard box. Doesn’t it look effective!

Photo by Oladapo Olusola on Unsplash

Sheffield is always changing and you can see cranes all over the city. This crane was constructed using straws. You could tape straws together to make some cranes for your display.

Photo by Ebun Oluwole on Unsplash

Cardboard tubes from kitchen rolls or toilet rolls are another great material for your buildings. Look at how the columns on this model of the Madina Mosque, Wolseley Road are made.

The finished result looks amazing.

There is so much you can do with cardboard - it’s free and readily available. For more cardboard construction techniques, don’t forget to check out our YouTube channel.

 Cardboard Construction (Makerspaces & Classrooms) - YouTube

Have fun and don’t forget to share your creations with @Maker_Futures and @CreateSheff.