Our COVID-19 response

Create Sheffield

In light of the unprecedented challenges surrounding Coronavirus, the response across Sheffield has been amazing. Schools, teachers, families, artists and organisations have put their best efforts into surviving and thriving through lockdown and planning for what comes after. 

We have adapted our offer in order to support the joined-up effort needed to continue to provide children and young people with creative and fun learning opportunities. We are thinking about how we can play a key role in ensuring the quality and vibrancy of Sheffield is available to all who want to get involved and particularly in removing barriers to the most vulnerable.

So what have we been doing?

Bags of Creativity 

Bags of Creativity is an IVE-led initiative that will put creative activities, materials and resources into the hands of the most vulnerable children and young people in Sheffield. Being part of this initiative will help us connect with a huge range of artists, creatives, dreamers and thinkers from across the city - some will be our existing Partners, others we hope will join us as new Partners of Create Sheffield. This initiative links to our vision and plans for the city.

Sign up to register your interest before 3rd June 2020. More information below on our website. 

Re-wrote our Sheffield Adventures to #homeadventures and collected lockdown resources

Just when we were about to release our Sheffield Adventures, like everyone else, we were hit by Lockdown. Knowing that Sheffield families needed support now more than ever, we re-wrote and released #homeadventures, offering creative ideas useful for your home environment and social distancing.

This lovely submission is from a little girl aged 5, taking part in Musical Mark Making #homeadventure with Polly Ives and Concerteenies.

We have been overwhelmed by the wonderful responses from organisations who have been busy adapting what they usually offer so that families can access it at home. We have been collecting a wide range of links to creative resources and fun activities that support children and young people in Sheffield during this period of isolation and home-learning and have saved them all on our Lockdown Resources page.  

Our list is just the beginning. We want to grow these ideas for all ages & abilities and include all types of art form and cultural activity. If you have activities you would like to add to our #homeadventures collection, our Lockdown Resources or something else you want to tell us about. Send us your ideas

Sheffield Star Home Learning Supplement

We have been working alongside Learn Sheffield, our Partners and friends in our city in contributing fun and creative learning activities which children, young people and families can take part in at home, the majority without the need of additional resources or internet access. Sheffield Learning Together is a 16 page supplement, written by teachers and organisations in Sheffield and is printed in the Star Newspaper every Thursday starting on Thursday 7th May.

In the first week over five thousand papers were delivered to families homes in Sheffield, rising to ten thousand in week two! Partners and organisations have been fantastic in adapting their own activities for all to access in this weekly paper.

Sheffield Learning Together will continue to be printed over the coming weeks, providing families and teachers with resources to support learning as we adapt to a life after Coronavirus. If you missed the previous paper copies, you can access the PDF versions here.


Partners support & CPD opportunities

Create Sheffield’s plans have had to change, like everyone else’s. Our Partners responded to a questionnaire when we first went into lockdown. We’ve created a series of events and support sessions in response to their requests - these are booked in over the next few months:


  • Online safety for organisations working with children and young people - 3rd June 14.00 – 15.00 -  sign up.  Available to all.
  • New Partners - Introduction to Create Sheffield session - 30th June 10.00-11.00 - sign up Available to new CS Partners.


  • Bags of Creativity (BoC) - deadline for applications 3rd June Midday sign upread more.  Available to all.
  • Bags of Creativity choosing 20 practitioners/artists -10th June. Applicants to BoC.
  • Bags of Creativity  -  CPD sessions – working with vulnerable young people - 11th & 19th June. Applicants to BoC.
  • Bags of Creativity distribution around Sheffield - from 20th July. Applicants to BoC.


  • Partner support - What’s happening in Sheffield schools & what’s the way forward? 24 June 14.00–15.30 - sign up.  Available to CS Partners.
  • Programming and Participation meeting – Dreaming our virtual City of Young Makers festival - 8th July 10.00-12.00 - sign up. Available to CS Partners.
  • Partner support - Working with Young People creatively online - 29 July 10.00 – 11.30 - sign up. Available to CS Partners.
  • Partner support – Dreaming and creating Sheffield Adventures - 17 Aug 09.00–10.30 - sign up. Available to CS Partners.
  • Partner support – City of Young Makers update session - 21 Sept 14.00–15.00 - sign up. Available to CS Partners.
  • Partner support – Sharing results of city-wide data collection - 8 Oct from 10.00 – 12.00 - sign up. Available to CS Partners.
  • Programming and Participation meeting – Dreaming the way forward - 22 Oct from 10.00 – 12.00 - sign up. Available to CS Partners.
  • Creative Teachmeet - 3 Nov 17.00–19.00 - sign up. Available to CS Partners and teachers. 
  • Partner support - What’s happening in Sheffield schools now? 18 Nov 16.30 – 17.30 - sign up. Available to CS Partners.


  • Creative Teachmeet - 3 Nov 17.00–19.00 - sign up. Available to CS Partners and teachers. 


  • Artsmark 30 Development Day - 17 Sept 09.00–16.00 Artsmark schools teachers - contact IVE for more info. 
  • Artsmark 30 schools will also be supported via MSTeams.