Opportunities with Ignite Imaginations

Ignite Imaginations are a participatory arts charity based in Sheffield. They celebrate and connect communities through art and creativity. 

They have lots of creative opportunities coming up for young people, artists and communities. See details below.

Ignite Imaginations is recruiting freelance artists

We are currently looking for up to four freelance artists specifically for our current partnership project with Maya Productions

We are seeking up to two artists with a visual arts background and two artists with a performing arts background. Our intention is for one visual (mixed media, textiles, ceramics, graphic design etc) and one performance artist (music, dance, spoken word, theatre etc) to work together on one or both of the projects mentioned. We understand the breadth of these genres and welcome artists, from a wide range of expertise, that feel they fall into either of these categories.

The deadline is Thursday 11th March 5pm. See details here

Art Project

We are looking for an established group of people aged over 50  and young people aged between 14-25 years that have direct experience of migration or have stories from previous generations. We would like to work with the groups between April and June with a visual artist and a performance artist. 

'Talking about my Generation’ will work with people aged over 50 years with lived experience of migration of their own, or of previous generations’. Participants will be invited to share memories of the 60s, their stories of that era, those journeys of migration and the music of the time. This sharing and reminiscence will aim to inspire new artistic outputs to be created individually or as a group.

'Routes to Roots' will be aimed at young people aged 14- 25 years from ethnically diverse backgrounds with a passion for arts and creativity, to devise a new performance piece/art installation inspired by theirs or their family's experiences of migration, heritage and journey.

Both projects will take place between April and June 2021, through weekly zoom workshops. Participants will develop new creative skills and share their stories and experiences through collaborative and enriching sessions with professional artists. Each group will receive creativity packs to their homes to aid with the online workshops and their final artistic outputs will be showcased at this year's Migration Matters Festival as part of Refugee Week 2021. 

This project is inspired by Maya Productions new musical in development; “Benny and the Greycats”, that tells the story of a family of Anglo-Indian musicians who swap playing in a swing band in South India, for a new life in 1960s Sheffield. Maya Productions and Ignite Imaginations have come together to develop a community arm of the project; to celebrate and explore the theme of migration and journeys with people living in Sheffield today.

We are planning for the sessions at the moment to be on zoom- but are open to last minute changes due to restrictions etc and would hope that at some point we would meet face to face!

We would have 16 hours of workshops to offer each group and initially thought this could be 2 hr weekly sessions but open to whatever works for an available group. All costs are covered and so this is a FREE opportunity to any group interested.

Email Luisa for details. 


We are seeking up to 15 young people aged 12-19 years to develop their creative skills, broaden their knowledge and understanding of the creative sector and gain real experiences with professionals and organisations that use creativity everyday. 

We have a 2 day taster or a weekly course that aims to increase confidence, enhance employability skills and provide valuable contacts and insights into the creative industries.

Both opportunities are free, can be tailored to the groups(s) we work with (including dates and times of delivery, creative skills focus and whether face to face or on zoom (pending restrictions).

We are keen to work with young people that are interested in developing their creative skills and experiences, whether an established group or class or individuals coming together for the first time.

​Two Day Taster

April 2021

Join interactive workshops with professional artists, enjoy captivating talks from those working in the creative world and undertake a mini-project. 

​Full Course

April to July 2021

Join weekly sessions and enjoy one-to-one creative skills development sessions with professional artists. Join our line-up of speakers from the creative arts industry who are ready to share their knowledge, experiences and top tips. Will include up to 4 one to one sessions with an artist, 6 group sessions introducing the sector with speakers, local organisations and artists and a live placement and project to deliver on (this will be tailored to the age of the young person).

If you have a group, class or individual that would be interested please get in touch and email: enquiries@igniteimaginations.org.uk  

Could you volunteer?

We are seeking up to 5 volunteers from the STEM industries to work alongside our artists and young people to give an insight into how creativity is used across different industries and roles. We are looking for individuals who can offer up to 15 hours of your time; this may include (but can be tailored to the young people's interests and the availability of the volunteers) developing an interactive workshop for young people focusing on creativity and imagination skills and how they transfer to STEM day to day work, involvement in group creative workshops alongside our artists and support with live/practical projects.

Please get in touch with enquiries@igniteimaginations.org.uk if you are able to get involved.

Are you working within the creative sector and able to offer your time to speak to our young people within a group workshop about your career path, skills you use to do day and top tips for working within the sector? Could you provide a live project brief or placement for a young person? Please get in touch with enquiries@igniteimaginations.org.uk if you are able to get involved.