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Tales of Magic, Myths and Monsters - Making the everyday fantastical

This project is a unique opportunity to work alongside professional writer Paul Whitfield and Whitworks Adventures in Theatre to create new and exciting pieces of original writing. The project is completely free of charge and your work could be featured on our Whitworks Adventures in Theatre website. The current situation with coronavirus means that we are all having to spend most of our time at home. No more school, no more trips out, no more holidays, no more visits to relatives.
So if we can’t move around physically, let’s see what we can do with our imaginations. Let’s look around us and use what we see to inspire brand new exciting adventure stories, leaps of fantasy and invention!
Let us help you to create brand new fantasy adventure stories inspired by the places you live. Join us to transform the trees and streams and streets and buildings and gardens around us into the settings for exciting stories, fabulous adventures and mythic quests.

And to make things worse, my head throbbed like never before. Don’t think I’m trying to make you feel sorry or anything. Maybe I am. But that’s not important right now. Because I was beginning to feel like part of me had already become a spirit. The mist stealthily climbed up my leg’s and the dense air pulled me further into the woods, tightening its grasp. I was floating now. Even the branches somehow looked smaller than they had before. That was quite uncanny, considering the the leaves had somehow managed to grow larger than the size of my fist. I was convinced I wasn’t seeing things. And I wasn’t six anymore. I had to get up and face my fear. And it wasn’t to eat those wretched-looking apples. Well maybe that should be my first move. So, then I wouldn’t starve or anything....

I wish I hadn’t jinxed my luck. Because now, my arm had decided to wilt sideways, and somehow eventually got sucked into the soil. I felt my forehead and gently closed my eyes. The forest began to blaze alight and a soft glow of warmth tingled in the wispy air. I heard echoes of cries that sounded like the snapping of twigs and bark. I shut my eyes tighter, thinking it was only a squirrel or another harmless creature...

There are stories for three age-ranges 5–8, 8–13 and 13 and above.. Go to the page of the age group you are interested in and you will find the beginning of a story inspired by the local Meersbrook area. You will then be able to carry on the story if you wish or use it as inspiration to create something totally new and original of your own.

If you're from outside Meersbrook you're very welcome to join in too. Use our pictures, or find places near you that might inspire new fantasy adventures.

When you’ve written something (and it can be a short part of the story, it doesn’t have to be finished or complete) e-mail it to Paul at and he will put as much as is possible and appropriate on the website where everyone involved in the project can read it.

I suddenly started breathing hard. I was mystified. The cold dense air caved in around me and I was wondering whether this was my mind toying about with me. There was a sudden brushing noise that echoed through the forest. I wasn’t alone....

The quotes in this blog are by Akshee Vekaria, to read the whole story, or if you would like send us your own stories. Head to our website