How to Write a Sheffield Adventure

Create Sheffield

On the 10th June 2021, we held a briefing session with Create Sheffield Partners and other Sheffield-based organisations and individuals, sharing information on how to write a Sheffield Adventure. The briefing was to prepare applicants for the upcoming commissioning opportunities (deadline 18th June 2021, midday), however Sheffield Adventures can be written at any time. 


We would encourage anyone to write an Adventure by using the format we have developed. Additionally, we are looking to commission 3 new Sheffield Adventures (and test them in the community) whilst also offering training and support so arts and cultural practitioners can write and submit their own Adventures.

  • There are 3 x £1500 commissioning opportunities.
  • The deadline for the first round of applications is 18th June, midday.
  • Decisions on the commissioning process will be shared 23rd June.
  • Sheffield Adventure commission delivery dates are from 23rd July to the end of August (but they will then become part of the Adventures on the website and so can be used anytime.)

If you are interested in writing a Sheffield Adventure (we hope you are!) please fill out this application form by the 18th June 2021, midday. 

What is a Sheffield Adventure?

The original idea behind the Sheffield Adventures was to offer easily accessible, free, high-quality creative ideas and activities that use Sheffield as inspiration or learning resource that would take children, young people, families and school or community groups on an adventure all around our wonderful city. The plan was that they would develop as an idea that others would take on, writing their own Adventures and sharing them with others. Unfortunately, their launch date coincided with the start of lockdown #1 in March 2020, many of them had to be re-written as #homeadventures. There are now 51 on the website that have been used 5,500+ times.

We came up with 7 reasons to write an Adventure:

  • Free, open platform available to all in Sheffield that will grow
  • Publicity: for you/ your organisation
  • Signposting: to your work, to a resource you have, to an idea you love, to something you believe in
  • Get you a more diverse reach
  • Link you to targeted age groups
  • You're part of the creative & cultural education movement
  • It's an accessible offer

Training recording and presentation 

For those that were not able to attend our training session, we have recorded the How to Write a Sheffield Adventure session which you can access here. There was also a presentation which was delivered, and a briefing document. Please do take a look at all three

Sheffield Adventures - Training Survey

If you do watch the training, please kindly fill our our survey. This survey is an opportunity for us to better understand who you are, how we can build meaningful partnerships across Sheffield, and to support our research into the impacts Sheffield Adventures has on cultural learning in the City. The feedback you provide in this survey will be used in our evaluation reporting and will be invaluable to our growth as an organisation. We really appreciate your input and it should only take a couple of minutes!

Create Sheffield is our City's Cultural Education Partnership. We are supported by IVE, the Arts Council England Bridge Organisation for Yorkshire and the Humber