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Greentop is a charity dedicated to circus arts. Working from our purposed fitted out circus centre in Brightside, we have over 25 years experience of professional circus training, youth circus and tailor made programmes and events promoting creativity, wellbeing and learning for schools, communities and business.

Circus is a really exciting way to engage young people, particularly those with different approaches to learning.

Enjoyment, challenge and sense of wonder makes it a unique way to develop physical and mental wellbeing, social and creative abilities - what we like to call 'readiness skills' including trust, confidence and determination.

An example of a school project we have done before

This Is Circus is a 6-week programme for KS1 & 2 which brings a fresh take on PE classes. It is designed to engage less active young people and promote creativity and resilience skills . We co-designed the programme with Beck Primary School during the pandemic, so it can be delivered entirely remotely through videos, lesson plans and circus kits supplied to the school.

We now offer this as blended learning with circus teachers supporting staff over 6 weekly classes to explore with the children a whole range of circus skills and ask themselves What Is Circus? and discover how it’s great for creativity and resilience.

For a video of teachers explaining the programmes’s impact and related images and feedback see our website

We have provided single workshops for hundreds of schools adapting to specific curriculum or other school objectives both in and after school. We look forward to sharing more details with you.

Here are a few of the many benefits for schools and children engaging in our work

  • Students across all fitness levels can get involved, promoting physical and mental wellbeing

  • Encourages resilience and collaboration

  • Develop skills in creative thinking

Of the 336 children who have taken part to date, 90% felt they were able to learn lots of different skills; 89% felt happy doing circus activity and 86% felt circus helped them to take on and succeed at difficult challenges.

Here is what Nick Wells, Head of PE at Beck Primary had to say about being involved in This is Circus.

A big thing for us in schools, especially where we’ve got a lot of Pupil Premium children, is the number who are reticent to engage in sports stuff because they're fearful that they might ‘lose’ or show themselves up. What This is Circus brought out was all of those soft skills of collaboration, persistence, resilience, cooperating with each other communicating with each other and i loved seeing so many kids happily engaged without it feeling competitive

Some of the areas of expertise we have to offer Sheffield schools

  • Working with KS1 & 2
  • Supporting pupils with Social, Emotional and Mental Health Needs
  • Working in areas of disadvantage with a high % of children in receipt of Pupil Premium
  • Transition (Year 6 to Year 7)
  • Parents and Community
  • Pupils with Special Educational Needs in mainstream education
  • Teacher training

Creative Schools Programme

Greentop Community Circus Centre have provided this information as part of Create Sheffield's Creative Schools Programme 2022/23. This is a mentor-supported school development programme providing sustainable improvement in the quality of arts & cultural provision in Sheffield schools.

Get in touch for more details.