Ensuring equality, diversity and inclusion for arts and cultural education in Sheffield

Create Sheffield

Create Sheffield is delighted to have received continuation funding from IVE, the Sheffield Virtual School for CLA, Sheffield College and SCC, to support the development of a new strand of work for the arts and culture sector in Sheffield that will run from November 2022 – December 2023.

To sustain the strength of our cultural education partnership, the next step for Create Sheffield is to offer both support and opportunities to tackle city-wide strategic issues within the arts and culture sector for children and young people. The first focus will be equality, diversity & inclusion within the arts and cultural education sector in Sheffield - a topic that has already been identified by the partnership.

Support and development will be offered in three ways:

  1. Through the development of new cultural education partnership Forum, steering group, and work streams, which will ensure that wider partnership is expanded and will move into active delivery on behalf of the city.
  2. Through offering research, development, training and support linked to the topic.
  3. Through offering topic-focused fundraising on behalf of the partnership.

The work will be guided by a baseline survey, needs analysis report, steering group and work stream members, but from previous conversations, we imagine that it might focus on looking at ways to expand the diversity of the arts and cultural education partner pool, and careers pathways and support for global majority artists who work with children and young people.

We know that addressing equality, diversity and inclusion needs to be tackled sensitively, with leadership and long-term strategy. We will be recruiting a freelance team who can support this work.

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Below is further information about the programme of work which will take place from November 2022- December 2023 and beyond. 

For any questions, get in touch contactus@createsheffield.co.uk