Create Sheffield Board Development Consultancy

Create Sheffield

Create Sheffield are seeking professional support from a freelance consultant who can offer expert guidance to help with the development of the charity through its next phase.

Create Sheffield is Sheffield’s Local Cultural Education Partnership (LCEP). Formed in 2017, Create Sheffield is one of 15 LCEPs established in Yorkshire and Humber by IVE, the Arts Council’s Bridge Organisation for the region, in response to the Cultural Education Challenge. Further information can be found here.

Create Sheffield aims to engage all children and young people across Sheffield with the arts and cultural industries, working to remove barriers to engagement where they exist.

We work strategically with a range of organisations operating in sectors that range from theatre and dance to circus, coding and computer games. We’re here to facilitate and celebrate young peoples’ participation in arts and culture. From introducing young people to creative careers, to collaborating with local artists, our adventures, stories and events make the quality and vibrancy of Sheffield available to all who want to get involved. 

The partnership has grown to become a registered charity with a board of Trustees which includes some representation from cultural organisations, education institutions as well as experienced professionals. The board is now at a point of renewal whereby we need recruit and a new chair and diversify representation.

We are currently formulating a forward plan for 2022-2025 with an aim to become sustainable as an organisation that bridges education and cultural sectors. As an LCEP we want to broaden access to cultural experience. We want to reverse the COVID damage on the city and young people’s horizons and to stimulate a young creative economy.

The consultancy outputs

The Board are seeking a consultant to

  • Support with the recruitment of a new chair and Trustees (appointed by March 2022)
  • Advise on succession planning to enable the diversification of the board
  • Lead on the production of good governance policies and procedures in the form of a trustee hand book to include new / updated policies around HR, procurement, safeguarding, equality. diversity and inclusion.
  • Trustee training and skills development

Fee: £3,500 + VAT (10 days)

Timescale: 20 January-June 2022


Please submit an expression of interest and a CV and two references to Margot Walker (Interim Chair of Trustees) c/o by 10 January

Interviews (online) – w/c 17 January.