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Create Sheffield

Are you interested in helping to govern a new Sheffield charity?

Are you passionate about creativity, arts and cultural life and have the desire to ensure that all children and young people in the city have opportunities and access?

Sheffield’s Local Cultural Education Partnership, Create Sheffield, has recently been awarded charitable status and wants to appoint up to four new trustees (including a Vice Chair) to join its Board. 

As part of our commitment to equity, diversity & inclusion, Create Sheffield wants to strengthen its Board to better reflect the diversity of our society and the communities we serve. We want a board that will encourage our brave and bold ambitions for Sheffield’s young people.  

We would like to recruit people with different skills, perspectives and lived experience as well as contributing expertise particularly in relation to building partnerships and collaboration across communities and sectors, communication/PR, business and financial management. We welcome applications from people of all ages, and also hold two new places on our Board for young people aged 18-24.

For queries, email our Chair Ian Naylor or call 07989258886

All applications to be received by 1st November 2020. 

We are a creative organisation and we welcome applications in any format - written, via short film, social media or any other creative way that demonstrates your energy and commitment to children and young people and creativity.

Who are we and what are our aims?

Create Sheffield is Sheffield’s Local Cultural Education Partnership (LCEP). Formed in 2017, Create Sheffield is one of 15 LCEPs established in Yorkshire and Humber by IVE, the Arts Council’s Bridge Organisation for the region, in response to the Cultural Education Challenge. Further information can be found here.

Create Sheffield aims to engage all children and young people across Sheffield with the arts and cultural industries, working to remove barriers to engagement where they exist. We work strategically with a range of organisations operating in sectors that range from theatre and dance to circus, coding and computer games. We’re here to facilitate and celebrate young peoples’ participation in arts and culture.

From introducing young people to creative careers, to collaborating with local artists, our adventures, stories and events make the quality and vibrancy of Sheffield available to all who want to get involved.  Our aim is to improve quality of life and support the educational and employment outcomes for people aged 0-24 in the city.


We believe it is important to promote creativity in all our communities.  As automation increasingly defines our economy, we believe strongly that cultural education must remain of central importance.  Having the confidence to articulate ideas and thoughts through creativity and the arts has always been an essential part of the human experience, and young peoples’ ability to understand and apply their creativity will become an increasingly important skill as our economy evolves. 

The Local Cultural Education Partnership has been in development since June 2016. Throughout 2017 we spent time creating a partnership across a range of organisations, through a significant number of one-to-one meetings and a series of consultation workshops, with both the arts and education sectors and, importantly, young people living in the city.  We became a company limited by guarantee in October 2018 and incorporated as a charity in May 2020, and are the only Local Cultural Education Partnership to have done so.

In March 2019, Create Sheffield was successful in receiving significant Partnership Investment funding through IVE, Arts Council England’s Bridge organisation for Yorkshire and the Humber region. This three-year funding of £120,000 was 100% matched in contributions from cultural organisations, education organisations and local business. Create Sheffield’s development has been extensively supported by Learn Sheffield, which has included the development of cultural education in its Sheffield Priorities for Education.

The next steps

Until recently as a company limited by guarantee, Create Sheffield has had a Board of Directors, Co-opted Directors from Partner organisations and Observers (including representatives from Sheffield City Council). In May 2020 we became a charitable company with a Board of Trustee-Directors. The new Trustee-directors and Vice-Chair will work amongst the first cohort of Trustee-directors as the charity becomes established.

It’s an exciting time for Create Sheffield as we fast track our action plans. Thanks to the three years of funding we have received, we can continue to work strategically across the partnership and the city to ensure that every child and young person aged 0-24 in Sheffield has access to exceptional arts, creative, cultural and place-based experiences.  We have a need to generate additional funding from business to match the current funding from IVE both this year and next, and in order to secure the future of Create Sheffield once the current funding settlement has concluded in March 2022. To achieve this, Create Sheffield needs to develop its partnership rapidly with the business sector to both unlock additional financial support and to develop the narrative around how cultural and creative education can bridge skills gaps in the workplace.

We are looking for Trustee-directors to join us who have particular skills, complementary to those held by existing Trustee-directors. We are looking for Trustee-directors who will help us broaden our representation across the city. We would like to recruit people with different skills, perspectives and lived experience as well as contributions particularly in relation to building partnerships and collaboration across communities and sectors, communication/PR, business and financial management. The Vice-Chair will work alongside the current Chair to accelerate the connection with business and will need to have experience and skills /connections in this area

Create Sheffield’s 4 Priorities:



We are the key conduit for information, networking and professional development in relation to cultural education.



We promote the work of all those involved in Create Sheffield and advocate for diversity and the value of cultural education.  Create Sheffield will both celebrate and challenge.



We generate and use evidence-based policy and strategy to identify and address gaps in cultural provision and measure the impact of interventions.



We identify and shape projects that engage all children and young people.  We secure funding in partnership with Sheffield Culture Consortium and other partners.

Our belief in diversity and inclusion is a driver for full access for all.

Create Sheffield’s work in the city:

Create Sheffield focuses on the city of Sheffield as a learning resource, allowing all children and young people from 0 to 24 to engage with the city’s arts, culture and heritage.  Two main strands underpin our public work:

Sheffield Adventures

Sheffield Adventures have been designed to unlock the city as a learning resource. The first 30 Sheffield Adventures were due to launch at the start of lockdown in 2020 and so those that were suitable were transformed into #homeadventures. The original Sheffield Adventures (which encourage movement around the city) have been shared gradually during the summer months as lockdown has eased. 

These first 30 are a start – we intend that the Adventures will be added to and will lead to a curated spread of opportunities and experiences that are geographically distributed evenly across the city. Ideas are split between activities that can be done anywhere (at home, in a garden, park etc), and activities that encourage people to visit buildings and places across Sheffield. There is an opportunity for technology to play a key role here including the potential gamification of activities. Sheffield Adventures also acts as an invitation to our audiences to engage with us and with the city – we want them to share their adventures and ideas on social channels and build a community talking about creative opportunities and adventures in Sheffield.

City of Young Makers

Create Sheffield’s City of Young Makers strand of work aims to support the city-wide programming of changeable content around two main strands: regular ongoing participation activities and holiday activities, and a festival calendar with a focus on youth participation opportunities. Programming and Participation meetings for all Create Sheffield partners take place 3 times a year to focus on long term planning as a city.

In 2020 during lockdown, we amended these plans to work with 20 Sheffield creatives and artists to generate activities that were printed onto postcards and put into bags full of art and craft materials.  These 2004 Bags of Creativity were then delivered to children and young people across the city by their social workers so that they could all join in as ‘young makers’.  The postcard activities were also shared on social media and in a supplement in The Star so that all children and families in the city could have access.

Again, we want our audiences to engage with this strand, sharing their experiences of participation/ making so that it becomes an ongoing celebration of the opportunities available across the city.

Create Sheffield’s work with our Partners and supporters:

Create Sheffield works hard to link and connect high quality arts and cultural practitioners with young people, parents, carers headteachers and teachers across the city.  We share and shout about our Partners’ events and activities online, on our website and on social media. We celebrate the fabulous work that is happening in our city and so we gather and share stories from all of our Partners.  

We run training events and CPD for both our arts and cultural Partners and champion schools.  We gather and share resources for arts and cultural educators.  Alongside IVE, we are supporting 30 Sheffield schools to achieve Artsmark.  We are working with a group of young people and Chilypep to support the development of our youth voice strategy.

Our existing Board members and funders:

Sheffield’s creative, artistic and education sectors first pulled together to act as a steering group whilst the partnership was forming and to secure funding for the first three years of Create Sheffield. As the company progressed from loose partnership to company limited by guarantee and now to a charity, representative organisations stepped forward to become members of our first Board. Additionally, Sheffield Theatres, Sheffield Museums, Learn Sheffield, Sheffield College, Sheffield Hallam University, Counter Context and the Virtual School (SCC) have provided our match funding, alongside IVE’s partnership investment.

Additional information for applicants:

Time commitment required for all Trustee-directors

There are bi-monthly, two-hour Board meetings for the Create Sheffield Trustee-directors. Currently these take place on the second Thursday of every other month from 11am – 1pm, on Zoom.  Prior to lockdown these were taking place in the city centre in Sheffield Hallam University’s Charles Street building where Create Sheffield’s office is located.

Roles and responsibilities for all Trustee-directors

  • Support with strategic vision and leadership
  • Support with the performance of the Programme Manager and other staff.
  • Oversee the effective governance of the charity.
  • Regularly attend, prepare for and take part in meetings.

Specific role and responsibilities of the Vice Chair

  • To work alongside the Chair and to specifically lead on the relationship and strategic partnership with local business.

The Vice Chair will be expected to support the Chair and Programme Manager between board meetings.


Do I have to have previous experience of being on an arts organisation’s board? 

Not at all. 

Do I have to have a background in the arts? 

No – we want to hear from you whatever your area of expertise. We are particularly interested in hearing from young people aged 18+, people who can represent their Sheffield community, or those who have experience in the business sector and / or experience of raising funds from the business sector.

Can I apply in other ways rather than as a written document? 

Yes, absolutely. If you'd like an informal chat about becoming a board member call Ian Naylor, Chair on 07989 258886 or email him at

If you'd like to apply using a video or audio file, that’s absolutely fine. Just send a two-minute clip talking about you and why you’d like to be a trustee. 

What would you like to hear about in my application?

We want a Board that will encourage our brave and bold ambitions for Sheffield’s young people.  Please tell us:

  1. why you would like to join our Board
  2. about your involvement in and connection to a Sheffield community, and why you think you should represent them on our Board.  
  3. about the experience and skills you would bring to our meetings.  

What happens after I apply? 


1 Oct – Advert goes live

1 Nov – Applications received & shortlisted

12 Nov – our next Board meeting - shortlisted candidates come and observe if they wish

Last week of Nov – interviews

How to apply

Please include: 

  • Your CV (no more than two sides of A4) 
  • A supporting statement (no more than one side of A4 OR a two-minute video clip) explaining why you’d like to become a Trustee-director and/or the Vice Chair of Create Sheffield (see notes in FAQs above)
  • When you would be available in the last week of Nov for interviews

    • Please send completed applications by 1st November 2020 to Ian Naylor, Chair of Create Sheffield including ‘Create Sheffield Trustee Recruitment’ in the subject line:

    You can download all of this information as a PDF here.