Adaptation Series - NVM

Leah from NVM

Following the Partner support session with schools, Create Sheffield met again with its Partners and a few other brilliant cultural practitioners on the 29th July to ask how they had changed their practice to respond to the Covid-19 situation, what innovations they were proud of, and what had been successful enough to repeat. Here is what Leah from the National Videogame Museum had to say. 

How have you changed your practice to respond to the Covid-19 situation?

Outside of social media or the website, the NVM had not been exploring or thinking too hard about digital learning or engagement - until the lockdown. The biggest change in our practice has been responding quickly to the changing needs of our audiences, with what and who we had to work with. Our small team got smaller and we worked intensively to run a fundraising campaign, release learning resources and run live workshops online.

What innovation are you most proud of and why?

We have had really positive feedback about the livestreamed workshops and accompanying resources. Having understood from personal experience that many children are missing time with their teachers, we wanted to create a safe social space with a familiar face each week to learn something new and ask questions. We have had children (and their grown ups) return each week for six weeks to engage with the workshop and start making games at home.

We were very excited to receive a Kids in Museums Award Nomination for best website activity for the Pixel Art workshop/resources!

What has been successful enough to repeat?

After running these workshops for six weeks I took a break, reflecting on what we had done (what worked well/what was a challenge). We knew we wanted to keep going with online content, and seeing as we had been planning on starting a Saturday club at the museum we decided to set it up virtually throughout the summer.

So Pixelheads (our virtual saturday club) started last Saturday on our Youtube Channel, we had 95 families join in during the session and so many comments we could barely keep up. We had some lovely feedback and photos sent to us of young people making games using what we’d done in the session! We’re still learning as we go, like most but it’s been very fun, very positive.

Here's a quote from one grown up after the PixelHeads session:

"Well, this was brilliant! Kids now are planning on creating video games all afternoon using Bitsy."

Watch the Pixelheads Trailer and head to the NVM website for up to date news and information (and news about when they are reopening!).