Adaptation Series - Beatrice Lee Knowles

Create Sheffield

Following the Partner support session with schools, Create Sheffield met again with its Partners and a few other brilliant cultural practitioners on the 29th July to ask how they had changed their practice to respond to the Covid-19 situation, what innovations they were proud of, and what had been successful enough to repeat. 

Following this session, Beatrice wanted to tell you a little bit about what she can offer to schools as part of a recovery curriculum. 

About Beatrice

Beatrice Lee Knowles is an Artist, Creative Workshop and Sensory Session Facilitator.

What Beatrice can offer to schools


  • Specialist experience working with SEND, across a range of ages. I am able to adapt activities and communication appropriately.
  • Knowledge of sensory play and exploration - can create relevant resources/offer ideas for affordable options.
  • I can be someone to bounce, discuss and create both ideas for what can be made within the classroom as well as developing practical resources that can be used (visual aids, sensory etc).
  • I have experience developing projects, containing multiple short activities to form a final (larger) outcome.
  • Can provide activities that encourage contribution from all towards a collaborative piece - developing both individual thought and motor skills as well as teamwork/social skills.
  • I have been involved in running movement and sensory exploration sessions with adults with PMLD (including those with visual and hearing impairments) during lockdown, over zoom, so could easily adapt these sessions for schools.

Visit Beatrice Lee Knowles' Partner page and her website to keep up to date with the great work she is doing. Beatrice would love to hear from you, contact her here.