Whitworks Adventures in Theatre

Whitworks Adventures in Theatre works with children, young people and community groups shedding light on untold stories, forgotten voices and neglected narratives to create exciting, innovative and stimulating education, writing, drama and theatre experiences with, by and for young people and community groups.

Whitworks Adventures in Theatre (WAT) brings history and heritage to life so that children, young people and communities can engage positively, having access to knowledge and experiences that will inspire them. WAT actively involves children, young people and communities in research, creativity and creative collaboration thus promoting inclusion, equal opportunities and diversity alongside a genuine sense of belonging and ownership.

On a practical level this can mean:

  • helping groups or schools to seek appropriate funding and support
  • training and supporting children, young people and communities to research their histories
  • bringing in academic support
  • writing plays
  • writing books
  • writing schemes of work
  • delivering local history stories in the curriculum
  • creating and directing performances
  • creating heritage walks