Showroom Cinema

We are a local independent cinema and cultural hub for Sheffield, aiming to make diverse and exciting films accessible to all. We run a number of provisions for families and support young people with cinema programmes that nurture a passion for film.

We welcome thousands of students from schools, colleges, universities and education groups every year for private screenings at discounted rates. Whether it's for a screening linked to the curriculum, a premiere of student-made films, or a special treat, we work closely with schools to provide the right experience for them.

We also run curriculum-led study days in partnership with the British Film Institute (BFI). These events use close analysis and discussion of film to help support learning and teaching across all kinds of subjects. Our most popular study days are based around developing literacy and vocab skills for modern foreign languages.

For families, we run a film club every fortnight called Reel Adventures. On the Saturday, the screening is followed by a free craft activity. On the Sunday, the screening is shown in relaxed, autism-friendly conditions, with the sound turned down and the lights kept slightly on.

For 15-26-year-olds, we have a free membership scheme, which means members can buy film tickets for just £4.50. This is so that young people can be introduced to all sorts of films from around the world beyond the Hollywood blockbusters, and hopefully discover a passion for film that will stay with them for the rest of their lives.

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