Sheffield Heritage Open Days

Sheffield Heritage Open Days (part of Sheffield Civic Trust) coordinates the annual 10-day Sheffield Heritage Open Days festival, which celebrates the city's cultural heritage and allows visitors to explore and learn about Sheffield's rich and diverse heritage through visiting green spaces, buildings, and events, which are all free to access.

Our role ensures that Sheffield's diverse communities are supported in presenting their local cultural and built heritage to a wider audience, and ensures that people of all ages have the chance to access free heritage-themed events across the city. We also support and train local volunteer groups, including families, children and university students, to understand how to look after their local heritage assets, involving local communities in learning about their heritage, and helping them to develop their own sustainability.

Our work brings Sheffield’s physical and cultural heritage to a wider audience, and in doing so we help to safeguard Sheffield's heritage assets for the future.

We work with partner organisations to ensure that Sheffield's Heritage Open Days events provide opportunities for families, children and adults to enjoy free, engaging activities at heritage venues across the city, which will help them to connect with their communities and learn more about their own and others' cultures and heritage.

Sheffield Heritage Open Days are delighted to have been chosen by the National Trust (the national organisers of Heritage Open Days), as one of a handful of organisations across the country who will be organising and running a special cultural heritage event in 2021, with a uniquely Sheffield theme, and aimed at young people aged 18+ who are currently significantly underrepresented when it comes to engaging with heritage.