National Videogame Museum

The National Videogame Museum is the UK's cultural centre for videogames. We are a place that explores what games are, how and why they are made, and who made them. This means exploring and documenting who plays them, and what they mean to their players.

The NVM creates innovative and inclusive ways to engage adults, children, game players and those who have never played games (but want to try) in our collection. This means that we are a fully playable museum, with over 100 games from across gaming history available to play.

 The NVM learning programme capitalises on the time young people spend playing videogames, and turns that passion into an effective education. By engaging young people in a medium that they are increasingly familiar with, we tap into their creativity whilst simultaneously teaching valuable technical skills. It’s also very fun!

We welcome self-led visits from all kinds of education groups including primary and secondary groups, SEN, home education, youth groups, universities, and adult learners groups.

To get involved from home visit the NVM at Home page for free game making activities or join us during the summer holidays for Pixelheads - a virtual saturday club!