Kate Halliwell

Have you ever wondered why people eat some animals and not others or which would make a better teacher – humans or robots?

I am a Philosophy for Children/Communities Trainer and Facilitator and I find myself pondering these sorts of questions with groups of all ages on a regular basis. I worked as a P4C Lead Teacher in a Sheffield school for four years, before leaving to become a SAPERE and Dialogue Works Registered P4C Trainer. But my passion for facilitating philosophical enquiry has never left me so I set up, organise and facilitate P4C workshops across Sheffield, such as a weekly Y6/7 After-School Club run in conjunction with DECSY, where I’m an Associate Trainer.

P4C enables people, aged 3 – 103, to explore themes and concepts that are important to them. Questions, ideas, beliefs and experiences are shared within a caring ‘community of enquiry’ and the structured approach allows for thinking to develop and grow. Not only does this enrich people’s conceptual understanding but they are engaged in richer, more critical and creative dialogue too.

I devise and facilitate stimulating P4C workshops with young people either during or after school, face-to-face or online. The themes or concepts can be suggested by the children, their teachers or by myself and there is an infinite number of fun games to get our brains tingling.

If this sounds of interest to you, please contact me either by email or phone.

I’ve really benefited from being around other people and hearing other people’s opinions and beginning to find it okay when people say ‘I disagree with you'

Y6/7 P4C Club Participant 2/7/20