We are a theatre and arts company who bring live story-making experiences to children and young people in their everyday local communities across Yorkshire and England.

Chol is a theatre and arts company specialising in drama education and community engagement.

Imaginary Communities (IC) is Chol’s unique approach to drama education. IC promotes play and imagination to aid writing and integrate theatre into the curriculum, nourishing wider learning through the imagined worlds created. In giving children the opportunity to create their own worlds and characters they are acknowledged as equal playmakers. These methods have been developed with, and in support of, teachers and children. We have been working with schools for 10 years and have become a trusted partner. Our core team understand the challenges and possibilities for creative learning within education.

Equal Players (EP) is our unique live story making approach to creating arts products with children and young people in their everyday spaces. EP creates a space where young people have equal input and control over the artistic process and decision making alongside adults and professional artists.

Tall Story Clubs (TSCs) are our after school version of Imaginary Communities where children and young people will experience co-creating a piece of artwork through our unique drama methodology. The artwork could be anything from the production of a play to creating and programming a video game, as we work with a number of partners from a variety of disciplines. TSCs take place in everyday locations including schools, libraries and community centres.