We are Amazelab, a STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, maths) company with the aim of providing engaging opportunities to people via workshops, video link, activity packs, follow along factsheets, and guidance open to all from educational settings to non -school groups and everyone in between.

Our aim is to deliver an inspiring, creative take on STEAM subjects, their relevance to everyday life and deliver this in a fun but thought provoking manner.

Amazelab is a science teacher, STEAM lead, STEM Ambassador and graphic designer team. Our hopes and aims of Amazelab are to inspire people to discover, interact, enjoy and take STEM subjects further with the aim of them taking on STEM based careers and developing a life-long love of these subjects. With a skills shortage noted in these subject areas now is the time to engage young people to fulfil these roles to benefit everyone in the future. We do not know yet who the next Tim Peake, Rosalind Franklin or David Attenborough will be but it’s exciting to think of the discoveries that will be made in the future, both in our region and beyond. To be able to play a small part in this journey is extremely exciting and fulfilling.

We offer workshops either online or in person, or pre-recorded videos, activity packs, resources and follow along factsheets all things STEAM related.

Visit our Youtube page to view some of our videos and our Pinterest page for photos!