Why Creativity Matters NOW.

Join in the big conversation about arts and cultural education in Sheffield, part of the Learn Sheffield Autumn Online Festival.

Online, 4th - 22nd October, 2021. 

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There are opportunities to both take part and also to inspire others with your experiences. There is some funding available, get in touch for more details.  

Why Creativity Matters NOW is a series of online conversations between school colleagues and arts & cultural education organisations about the role of creativity in education. 

Join us online in the first 3 weeks of October 2021 during the Learn Sheffield Autumn Online Festival to talk about how arts and cultural experiences can support recovery from the challenges we have all felt and are still feeling due to the pandemic. Help us to build our city-wide strategy for arts and cultural education in Sheffield. 

Why Creativity Matters NOW Schedule

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The Why Creativity Matters NOW conversations will introduce, inspire & connect up Sheffield education colleagues with Create Sheffield's arts & cultural Partners so that they can:

Why Creativity Matters NOW will be hosted online and will include both live and pre-recorded sessions such as keynote speakers, panel discussions, pre-recorded conversations and case-studies as well as how-to videos.

Who is it for?

For schools & education colleagues:

  • There will be opportunities for all phases of education from early years to post-16 both to consider their approach to creativity, and to inform our city-wide strategy for arts and cultural education in Sheffield going forward. 
  • We want to hear & share everyone’s viewpoint. Wherever you are in your career this conversation is for you. 

For arts & cultural organisations:

  • There will be opportunities to focus on creative projects and partnership for all phases of education from early years to post-16.
  • There will be opportunities for every type of creative art form, and every sort of arts or cultural or creative organisation to share their work in education settings.
  • We want to hear & share everyone’s viewpoint. Whether you’re a large or small company or creative freelancer this conversation is for you. 

Programme outline: introduce - inspire - connect

Week one: introduce…

Sheffield is fortunate to have a wealth of arts and cultural organisations that offer incredible opportunities to schools. Join us for keynote speeches and to be introduced to the range of arts & cultural practitioners and organisations in Sheffield, to help to inspire schools with the possibilities of working with arts, cultural & creative organisations and make long lasting connections.

Week two: inspire…

Join us to hear and share inspirational case studies detailing successful arts and cultural projects and partnerships. Help schools imagine what is possible.  

Join in conversations to ask and help answer the following questions: 

  1. What place is there for drama and expressive arts in the curriculum?
  2. What role can creativity play in supporting children with SEN?
  3. How can cultural diversity, inclusion and a sense of identity be encouraged through creative partnerships?
  4. What are the Sheffield Adventures and how could they support school curricula?
  5. What role do arts and cultural partnerships have in supporting active health and well-being?
  6. How can engaging in performances and events build community?
  7. How can creative organisations support education colleagues across the curriculum & Key Stages?

Join us either as a presenter and contributor sharing your creative project experiences (we can cover costs for presenters) or as an audience member.

Week three: connect up...

Schools will be given a chance to connect with organisations to address their own needs and aspirations.

We will share How-to Guides, including:

  • How using creative organisations can enhance the curriculum beyond enrichment.
  • How can we find the money?
  • Tips for schools when working with Creative partners.
  • Tips for Creative organisation working with schools

Guided planning session - what are school next steps? CONVERSATION (Panel Q&A) 

  • What do you want to do next? What challenges do you face? 
  • What can Create Sheffield do to support? 
  • Feedback on the festival.
  • Opportunities for one to one meetings with arts & cultural partners.

How can you get involved in the Big Cultural Conversation?

We're really keen for all schools and Create Sheffield's arts & cultural Partners to use the Why Creativity Matters NOW conversations as an opportunity to introduce themselves to each other. We aim to share lots of examples of different Partners that work with schools and examples of what can work and how. 

Please register your interest here or get in touch with Create Sheffield Creative Education Producer(s) Jenny, Amy and Becky by Friday 10th September to discuss initial next steps.

After Friday 10th September, please go over to our Events page and sign up as an audience member!  All Events will be recorded.

About Create Sheffield

Create Sheffield is our City’s Cultural Education Partnership. We are supported by IVE, the Arts Council Bridge Organisation for Yorkshire and the Humber.

Create Sheffield’s Creative Education Producer role is led by Jenny Coats, Head of School at Beck Primary School, together with her colleagues Amy Willoughby and Becky Stroud.  This is a freelance, part-time role. In this newly created post, their first mission is to facilitate the Why Creativity Matters NOW conversations over 3 weeks in October, taking place as part of the Learn Sheffield Autumn Festival.