Teachers and Educators

Create Sheffield is here to connect young people aged 0-24 to arts, culture and heritage opportunities in Sheffield.  As teachers and educators, we hope Create Sheffield can offer you a useful resource to help the children and young people in your care.

Create Sheffield’s offer to teachers and educators:

  • Our Partners are doing amazing work with young people across Sheffield. Take a look at their profiles to view their events, stories and read about what they offer. Our Partners do work ranging from theatre and dance, computer science and coding, to circus and visual arts. Filter them using our tags feature to help find what you want.
  • Our Adventures help people explore, make and create in Sheffield. Browse them all to find inspiration, or filter them by age or using our tags. There are lots of brilliant Adventures to try that will take you all around our wonderful city!
    • In our Culture on the Doorstep, Sheffield Curriculum Adventures IVE-funded pilot, we are exploring how place-based learning, within the context of a 15-minute neighbourhood, can build the cultural capital of children and young people. Create Sheffield aims to support Sheffield schools in carrying out the development of creative interventions that link directly to both the National Curriculum and to the area local to each school, including the people who live in that community, and their cultures. Taking place in Shirecliffe, this pilot is the initial phase of a longer-term project alongside Sheffield Museums Trust to create a co-developed city-wide creative curriculum. The curriculum-focused resources created during this project will be called Sheffield Curriculum Adventures and will be made available free of charge through the Create Sheffield website. Read more about this initiative on our website.
  • Our newsletters are sent monthly and include information, especially for educators. Our arts, culture and heritage Partners include their brilliant events and opportunities, which have been crafted and chosen for Sheffield-based schools.  Sign up here. 
  • You and your school will have the chance to help shape strategic priorities for children and young people in Sheffield. More information coming soon. 


Ofsted’s inspection framework has seen a new focus in favour of assessing whether schools are offering a “broad, rich and deep” curriculum. Create Sheffield and IVE are working to support schools to develop and evidence their arts and creative provision as part of a broad and balanced curriculum. 

Create Sheffield is building partnerships with all arts and cultural organisations across the city and wants to connect with all schools, colleges and universities.  We want to create meaningful opportunities for schools and teachers to engage with arts and culture organisations, so that both sectors can communicate their needs, hopes and plans. 

Why does it matter?

“Involvement with arts and culture is crucial to imagination, self-expression and creativity in young people. It also develops the skills that fuel the success of the UK’s creative industries, and that will result in the next generation of creative talent across the country “. Arts Council England 

You can read more about why cultural education matters, how we are going to solve the problems and more here.

Why Creativity Matters NOW

Create Sheffield, in partnership with Learn Sheffield, launched an online programme in October 2021, bringing educators, artists and cultural professionals together to discuss ‘why creativity matters now.’ This programme was led by freelance Creative Education Producers Jenny Coats, Head of School at Beck Primary School, together with her colleagues Becky Stroud and Amy Willoughby.

The 13 sessions included short presentations by teachers and musicians/artists who deliver inspiring work with children and young people. All the sessions were recorded and summarised in short stories. Included, were inspiring case studies around;

  • Using Sheffield Adventures in the classroom
  • Drama and expressive arts in the curriculum
  • Engaging in performances and events that build community for KS2 & for early years and KS1
  • Cultural partnerships that support health and wellbeing
  • Entitlement vs enrichment 
  • Encouraging cultural diversity through creative partnerships
  • Creativity supporting children with SEN
  • Tips for cross-sector working
  • Self-evaluation workshop for schools

You can access the videos and stories here on our website.

If you have any questions about this work or would like to get in touch for any other reason, please email contactus@createsheffield.co.uk