About Us

Create Sheffield is Sheffield’s Local Cultural Education Partnership (LCEP). Formed in 2016, Create Sheffield is one of 15 LCEPs established in Yorkshire and Humber by IVE, the Arts Council’s Bridge Organisation for the region, in response to the Cultural Education Challenge. Find more information about this.

Create Sheffield was officially launched as a company in 2018, with a mission to bring arts and culture to as many young people as possible and to remove the barriers that stop young people getting involved. Read more about our governance and history.

Getting involved in arts and culture and developing your creativity is way more than just fun - it also boosts your health and wellbeing, and teaches skills that are invaluable in the world of work.  That’s why we’re determined to enhance the life of Sheffield’s young people. 

How will we get there? Through collaboration and innovation; by developing sustainable partnerships with local artists and cultural organisations, and meaningful relationships with schools and young people, we aim to disrupt the cultural industry. Learn more about the problems we are trying to solved and find out how to get involved.

Charity number 1189387, Company number 11633729

Who do we benefit?

Create Sheffield emphasises the need to provide more opportunities and access to the arts for all young people in Sheffield. We primarily aim to benefit the lives of young people, defined as people aged between 0-24 years. 

Our partners reap the benefits of our mission too, through learning opportunities, research and information, and new connections across all sectors. That’s why we are proud to work with a diverse range of stakeholders; from schools, to youth service, to local artists, to cultural organisations. 

Who is involved?

Create Sheffield is a movement that we invite you to join - whether you’re a young person from our city, an arts and cultural partner, a teacher, a parent or carer!  

Create Sheffield is also a charitable company with a Members Board and a core team that works on the project. They fill their days finding out what’s happening, joining things up and thinking of new ways to bring more creativity to the young people of Sheffield.

If you have a question for the Create Sheffield team or just want to send us a nice message, click here to get our contact details.

Meet the Team

Name: Sophie Hunter

What I do at Create Sheffield: I’m the Programme Manager

Why I like working at Create Sheffield: I like the fact that we are creating something completely new, that hasn’t happened before, and that's bigger than all of us - a real collective endeavour.  I'm passionate about creating opportunities for all young people.

My Experience: I came to Sheffield to work in the education department of Sheffield Theatres in 1997. Since then I’ve worked in creative education as a facilitator, director and project manager in schools and in communities in Sheffield, and across Yorkshire. I co-founded Growtheatre, an outdoor theatre company that works out of Ecclesall Woods.

My Hobbies: spending time with my daughters, family and friends, walking in the Peaks, being creative.

Contact me: sophie@createsheffield.co.uk

Name: Daina Heaton

What I do at Create Sheffield: I’m the Administrator

Why I like working at Create Sheffield: I really love being a part of an ever-growing creative movement and network of diverse and inspiring people across the city.  

My Experience: I've previously worked in the arts, higher education and in engaging young people in social action projects. This took me to Uganda for a few years where I worked with communities around creative entrepreneurship. I also work two days a week with Learn Sheffield.

My Hobbies: I'm very much in love with climbing.

Contact me: daina@createsheffield.co.uk