Using arts and cultural partners in your curriculum: Entitlement vs enrichment

45mins For Partners and teachers

Part of Why Creativity Matters NOW, the big conversation about arts and cultural education in Sheffield.

This session has already taken place. To watch the recording, please click here

About this event

This conversation will look at how to find a balance between meeting the aims of the curriculum and providing exciting and engaging experiences for pupils. The session will provide ideas, examples of projects and curriculum links so schools and partners can collaborate to achieve a range of goals. Mary Myatt will lead a keynote discussion about creativity in the curriculum followed by real life examples of this in schools.

In all the sessions, we are keen that there is a conversation and we welcome input from the audience. If you have experiences of bridging the gap between the school curriculum and creative aims, please come prepared to share!

This session is part of ‘Why Creativity Matters NOW’, the big conversation about arts and cultural education in Sheffield, part of the Learn Sheffield Autumn Online Festival

About Create Sheffield

Create Sheffield is our City’s Cultural Education Partnership. We are supported by IVE, the Arts Council Bridge Organisation for Yorkshire and the Humber.

Create Sheffield’s Creative Education Producer role is led by Jenny Coats, Head of School at Beck Primary School, together with her colleagues Amy Willoughby and Becky Stroud. This is a freelance, part-time role. In this newly created post, their first mission is to facilitate the Why Creativity Matters NOW conversations.

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