Sharing results of city-wide data collection

2 hrs For Partners and teachers

City-wide data collection isn’t necessarily everyone’s cup of tea, but what it tells us can be seriously useful when we are making a case for the work we do, applying for funding or evaluating a project. Create Sheffield are ready to publish the results of our city-wide data report, Assessing access to arts and cultural education in Sheffield. The report gives us all a pre-Covid baseline of what was happening in arts and cultural education, with whom, and where in our city. 

We are intrigued and interested by what the report findings show, and hope you will be too.  Tessa Sawyer was commissioned to write the report and we are delighted that she has agreed to deliver a presentation online that will share with us her key findings and recommendations.  The report will be available in a downloadable digital format from mid January but if reading reports isn’t your thing, please do come and join us to hear Tessa’s presentation and a Q&A session afterwards.

This session is for Create Sheffield Partners & Schools - Sharing results of city-wide data collection

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