Partner support – Sharing results of city-wide data collection

2 hrs For Partners

For Create Sheffield Partners & Schools - Sharing results of city-wide data collection

About this Event

Thank you to all the schools, settings, arts and cultural organisations and practitioners who filled in our data questionnaire, which is now closed.  The data gathered will form a baseline of the arts and cultural activity that was happening with young people in Sheffield schools and settings pre Covid, and will help us understand the provision that was then available.  The plan is to re-issue the questionnaire in 2021 so that we can compare results.  

The report will be published towards the end of this year and will be publicly available.  If reading reports isn’t your thing, then this session with Tessa Sawyer (who has been pulling all the data together) will allow us to discuss the data findings on Wednesday 20th January 2021 at 10am… (online or maybe even face to face - who knows if we’ll be able to meet together by then!)

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