Next steps: A guided Planning Session and Q and A

45mins For Partners and teachers

Part of Why Creativity Matters NOW, the big conversation about arts and cultural education in Sheffield.

About this event

This session is an interactive and audience led Q and A to reflect upon what has been learnt during the Why Creativity Matters Now conversations.  We aim to plan next steps for individual organisations as well as thinking about how Create Sheffield can support both schools and arts & cultural partners in the future. Jenny and Amy will support schools to identify how arts & cultural partners can help to achieve curriculum goals and future actions. The aim is that you’ll leave this session with a clear idea of what to do next and the contacts to make it happen!

This session is part of ‘Why Creativity Matters NOW’, the big conversation about arts and cultural education in Sheffield, part of the Learn Sheffield Autumn Online Festival

About Create Sheffield

Create Sheffield is our City’s Cultural Education Partnership. We are supported by IVE, the Arts Council Bridge Organisation for Yorkshire and the Humber.

Create Sheffield’s Creative Education Producer role is led by Jenny Coats, Head of School at Beck Primary School, together with her colleagues Amy Willoughby and Becky Stroud. This is a freelance, part-time role. In this newly created post, their first mission is to facilitate the Why Creativity Matters NOW conversations.

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