New Partners - Introduction to Create Sheffield session

1 hr For Partners

This session is for both our new Create Sheffield Partners and for people who are interested, and would like to find out more about us.

About this Event

Create Sheffield is a leading a movement across Sheffield that you are invited to join. We are inviting the art, culture, community and education sectors to work together to offer a consistent and high quality art and cultural education for all children and young people.

This session will explain:

  • why you might want to join us and become a Create Sheffield Partner
  • what would be on offer to you if you joined us
  • what we would expect from you as a Partner
  • how to become a Partner, if that's what you'd like to do

We will answer your questions and ask some of the companies and artists who are already Partners to share their experiences with you.

There is no charge for this session, and no charge to become a Partner. Freelancers and organisations are both welcome!

We look forward to meeting you on Zoom!

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