Create Sheffield Community, City of Young Makers planning session

1.5hrs For Partners and teachers

City of Young Makers - Making our Future Festival 2021 planning session for Create Sheffield Partners

About this session

We invite Create Sheffield Partners to join us in our planning session for our City of Young Makers - MAKING OUR FUTURE celebration 2021. This may involve dreaming up new ideas, or it might involve sharing what you are already doing and how it might fit within the ‘Making our Future’ theme.

We look forward to seeing you there

About City of Young Makers

Create Sheffield’s City of Young Makers theme for 2021 is MAKING OUR FUTURE: a city-wide arts and culture celebration with a focus on young people’s creativity and how they engage with their future. City of Young Makers will span from 21st June – 5th September 2021.

The celebration will happen across the city; in nurseries, schools, colleges and universities, and in communities, hospitals and parks, online and face-to-face. It is a chance to celebrate all children and young people in Sheffield (aged 0-24), and the creative abilities they have to make, create and imagine their future.

There will be workshops offered by Create Sheffield’s arts and cultural partners, opportunities to join in, and the chance to celebrate the creative achievements of Sheffield’s children. City of Young Makers isn’t limited to things you can make with your hands – it could be celebrating ideas and the making of decisions, taking a stand or singing a song, the artwork you’ve made for your GCSEs, sharing big ideas for the future or tiny personal ones. Whether the work is beautiful art/design/drama/dance/music made in a workshop, at home or in the classroom, it’s all welcome.

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