Your city is a film set

Suitable for:11 to 16, 16+

As a film fan, you might think movies only get made in places like London, Paris and New York, but films and TV are made in Sheffield all the time. Production company Warp Films (This is England, Submarine, Ghost Stories and more) is based here. So is the British Film Institute’s Film Hub North.

Full of character, history and rare architecture, Sheffield is a living film set that inspires directors to tell unforgettable stories. It could inspire you too.

Go online-location scouting 

Location scouts help directors find great places to film in. They take photographs, shoot video and make drawings to show how different locations could be used for different parts of a story. 

Is there a location near you that’s waiting to be discovered? What kind of movie could you make there? Use Google Maps and Google Street View to help you find locations. Then get creative with how you might use video, photography, drawings and notes to show your ideas, just like a real location scout. 

Share your ideas, or even your finished film, using #sheffieldfilm to inspire other budding film fans.

Image credit:  BBC/Ben Blackall
Image credit: BBC/Ben Blackall

Use what you can: you might not be able to visit the real location right now but online research and Google Maps will help you explore the city. Use other people's photographs, take screenshot or make your own drawings on notebooks and sketch pads.

Local culture guide Our Favourite Places have created a tour of Sheffield locations that have made it onto the silver screen. Download it and plan your own film tour. Why not seek out the location closest to where you live? 

Both Sheffield Hallam University and the University of Sheffield offer degrees in film studies. See their websites for details.