You’re in charge of tourism

Suitable for:11 to 16, 16+

Your task is to attract visitors to the city and/or your local area. How will you do this? What are the things you think visitors should see and do?

You could make a map, a tourist brochure or an article for a travel magazine. Or if you’re a keen performer, maybe video is more your medium. 

Your guide for tourists doesn’t have to be general or even conventional. In fact the more personal it is the better. So don’t be afraid to give it a theme (animals, fashion, street art or vegan restaurants) or make it quirky and funny if that’s what you like.

Make it virtual 

What fun and interesting things can people see, do and learn about in the online world? Create an entirely virtual guide to Sheffield that will keep people occupied whilst they can't go outside.

Top tourism tip

Know your audience. Is your guide for tourists from overseas? Or are you writing for people from a neighbouring town or village? Or even from another planet?! 

Mix things up

If you’re thinking of making a magazine, a map or an article, you could combine this task with our Zine adventure, which introduces you to the art of handmade comics and zines.

Share your guide with the world using #exploresheffield

Map showing Sheffield
Map showing Sheffield

Our Favourite Places publish a popular visitor’s guide to Sheffield, in book form and online. Check it out. Let them know your favourite places using #ourfaveplaces