The Show Must Go On! Cemetery Trail

Suitable for:6 to 10, 11 to 16, 16+

The Sheffield General Cemetery and The Show Must Go On! Trail is especially designed for children, young people and their families - but anyone can take part! There are lots of stories at Sheffield General Cemetery and The Show Must Go On! Trail  tells the stories of some of the different performers who are buried there.

What to do

First download the The Show Must Go On! Trail on this webpage or head to the Sheffield General Cemetery website   to find out more. 

Go to each of the locations marked with a star on the map and find out about different performers in each place. There is a QR code for each site and they allow you to hear each person's story - you will hear from circus performers, a child who worked in theatre and a famous Shakespearean actor. You will get a glimpse into the world of Victorian performers, Sheffield's arts and culture scene and what life was like in the entertainment business in the past. 

Please would you share what you create?

You can do this by leaving some natural art for people to discover, taking a photo or film of what you have made, showing your family or friends or if you want to share your creations on social media with us, please use the hashtag #sheffieldadventures.

Head to 'explore more' at the bottom of the page for instructions on claiming your Children's University Credits. 

This trail has been created by our Partner Growtheatre in collaboration with the National Lottery Parks for People Programme at Sheffield General Cemetery

Growtheatre’s Sheffield Adventure takes place in Sheffield General Cemetery. We love this place because of its unique landscape - full of fascinating stories and brilliant places to explore!

EXPLORE! With old chapels, twisty paths leading to graves and catacombs, a woodland clearing with a storytelling area, an open green space, a stone spiral, a river and wildflower meadow - it is a truly rich place to start a creative adventure! And, this is what Growtheatre is all about – exploring a landscape and developing stories inspired by it!

DISCOVER! Sheffield General Cemetery’s incredible show-people, from circus performers to child stars to famous Shakespearean actors. There are some amazing stories that paint vivid pictures of crazy stunts, performing animals, children in theatre, inspirational struggles and breath-taking calamities! They give you a glimpse into the world of Victorian performers, Sheffield’s arts and culture scene and what life was like in the entertainment business in the past. 

CREATE! We hope you will enjoy the stories of our performers and would love it if you get creative too! Can you make something inspired by what you have seen and heard? On the Trail they have given you a few suggestions to get you started, but of course you can follow your own imagination – the sky’s the limit!

Please visit the Sheffield General Cemetery website for full details on how to take part.

Earn Children's University Credits with Sheffield Adventures! Below are instructions on what to do:

  • Take part in this Sheffield Adventure. Each Adventure is worth 1 CU credit.
  • Email to share your learning, please include any pictures/videos as evidence.
  • For Sheffield CU members, please include the name of the Adventure you completed, your full name, DOB, school name and CU Passport to Learning number (found on the front page of your Passport under the consent sticker). Then we will inform Children's University of your great work!
  • For other CU members, please include the name of the Adventure and we will reply with the CU Activity Code so you can claim your credits.

This Sheffield Adventure was made possible by the awesome contributions of Laura Alston, Activity and Engagement Officer for SGC, students and staff of Freeman College, pupils and staff of Porter Croft C of E Primary School, Ship Shape, Bronte Simmons, Adrian Woudstra, Paige Liddle, Christopher Hall and Daniel Poyser.

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