The Doodle Game

Suitable for:6 to 10

All you need to play the Doodle Game is paper, a pencil, pencil crayons and your imagination!

How to Play

1. Get the pencil and close your eyes, then draw a random doodle on your page. 

2. Now with your eyes open, turn the doodle into something cool. It could be an animal, person, building, car or anything you can think of. 

3. Colour in your doodle using the pencil crayons. 

There are some examples below for your ideas.

Marcus Method is a visual artist based in Sheffield. Marcus has a unique and instantly recognisable style which was born from graffiti roots and is heavily influenced by his former career as an architectural technologist. Take a look at his website for inspiration for your doodles!

The Doodle Game was written by Marcus Method as part of the IVE-led initiative Bags of Creativity. You can read all about it in our Story.