Super Space Den

Suitable for:0 to 5

Make a Super Space Den with your little ones! 

Suggested Mission Control questions for Super Space Den Builders:

What supplies do I need? Where could we look for them?

Why do you like it? Have you got a secret password for your Den?

I wonder what would happen if you found an alien in your Space Den?

Can you tell the story of a lost space bear and what happened next?

Why not try.. 

I spy with my magic cone... something sparkly... soft... yellow... round

Reading stories together inside or setting up your space den outside. 

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Super Space Den checklist:

Space blanket, string, masking tape, pegs, chiffon scarves, A4 card rolled in a cone.

The space blanket in this picture is an emergency foil blanket used in the Bags of Creativity. You can replace this with any blanket around the house, duvet or bed sheet.

This activity was written by Tell Tale Hearts as part of the IVE-led initiative Bags of Creativity. You can read all about it in our Story.

Tell Tale Hearts are professional story tellers based in South Yorkshire with international appeal. Most of their stories are made to be shared in theatres, libraries, schools, nurseries, community venues and festivals performed by professional theatre artists.

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