Suitcase Adventure

Suitable for:6 to 10

Let’s share what YOU think makes Sheffield so fun and adventurous in a Sheffield Adventure Suitcase! 

As a child or as an adult, there is nothing more fun than remembering and sharing with others what makes our hometown so special. 

Whether you were born in Sheffield, are new to Sheffield, or grew up in Sheffield, you will have your favourite memories, places, objects and people, all of which you could tell others about, to help describe our wonderful city.

Think about the parks, museums, local shops, traditional food, rivers, accents, ice cream, your home, neighbours, school, mosque, church, market....

Your challenge

Imagine you are able to pack up everything you love about Sheffield in a suitcase. What would it contain?

We challenge you to create a real suitcase full of your memories and ideas and share this with your friends and family. 

What to do

  • First share your thoughts with others, discuss and exchange ideas. 
  • Use a cardboard box, shoe box or something else you think is suitable as your Sheffield Adventure Suitcase. 
  • Draw, write about, or make the things you love the most about Sheffield. You could include photographs and newspaper cuttings to help recreate your memories and ideas. 


Share the contents of your Sheffield Adventure Suitcase with your friends and family.

Ask them to guess what they are.

Do they like similar things?


Each of us will hold a unique relationship to Sheffield. Why not consider the special things, values, heritage you or your family have brought to Sheffield too. 

Feel free to share what YOU love about Sheffield, or what YOU have brought to Sheffield from your home country/town.

Earn CU Credits with Sheffield Adventures

Head to 'explore more' at the bottom of the page for instructions on claiming your Children's University Credits. 

This Sheffield Adventure was written by Terezia Rostas from Care For Young People’s Future. It was tested and developed with children from Pitsmoor Adventure Playground and Highfield Adventure Playground. 

Be as creative as you want when making and sharing your Sheffield Adventure Suitcase. 

Some suggestions:

  • Recycled carboard
  • Paper
  • Re-decorate an old suitcase - you may find some cheap ones in a charity shop
  • Oral history
  • Story-telling
  • Painting
  • Role play
  • Show and tell your favourite game
  • Dance
  • Magazine cuttings
  • Leaves

Earn Children's University Credits with Sheffield Adventures! Below are instructions on what to do:

  • Take part in this Sheffield Adventure. Each Adventure is worth 1 CU credit.
  • Email to share your learning, please include any pictures/videos as evidence.
  • For Sheffield CU members, please include the name of the Adventure you completed, your full name, DOB, school name and CU Passport to Learning number (found on the front page of your Passport under the consent sticker). Then we will inform Children's University of your great work!
  • For other CU members, please include the name of the Adventure and we will reply with the CU Activity Code so you can claim your credits.