Sheffield secret stones

Suitable for:0 to 5, 6 to 10

Hunting for secret stones is becoming a popular game for groups all around the world because it combines creativity with getting outdoors. Sheffield has joined in the fun using #sheffieldukrocks to share images and locations.

Here’s how it works

Find yourself a smooth stone or pebble.

Decorate your stone with your own artwork/design.

Write Sheffield UK Rocks on the back with a Sharpie pen or another permanent pen.

Then hide it somewhere other people can find it, like in your local park, or if you can't get out because of Covid-19, how about just placing it on the wall outside your house, where others can see it and enjoy it?

Post a picture with clues to where your stone can be found... maybe your neighbours can come and find it on their daily walk?

When someone spots your stone, they photograph it, post the picture on social media, then re-hide it for someone else to find.

Meanwhile, you might come across other people’s stones. When you find one, you do the same and share what you’ve found online.

When sharing photos of your stone use #sheffieldukrocks – either on the Sheffield UK Rocks Facebook group or via Instagram or Twitter. Don’t forget to give clues about your stones location to help others find it, and take a look to see if any stones have been hidden near you.

You can also share on the Secret Stones Facebook page which has stones hidden around the world.

Take care

This game is a lovely way to stay connected to your community whilst taking care to follow the social distancing rules. You could spot rocks whilst on your daily exercise outside or put yours on your wall for people to find it more easily.  Don't forget to wash your hands. 


Acrylic paints and Sharpies seem to work well for lots of people. If you discover a new method/material, share it with your fellow stone hunters.

Don’t decorate your stones with stickers, foam shapes, gems, googly-eyes or anything like that. These things are a danger to wildlife if animals eat them.

Take a look at the Sheffield UK Rocks Facebook page for locations of stones and rocks around the city and see if you can find any!