Sensory Circuits

Suitable for:0 to 5, 6 to 10, 11 to 16

Get your nature fix by doing a short sensory circuit in one of Sheffield’s many green spaces.

A sensory circuit incorporates 3 types of activities which aim to support a sense of well-being. 




How it works

  1. Find a natural space  
  2. Select an activity from each of the 3 areas below  
  3. Time yourself doing each activity for 1 minute  
  4. Reflect on how you feel, you could draw a picture / write a few words / take a photo 
  5. Share your circuit with your family or friends, don't forget to include the location.

The activities


  • Jog on the spot
  • Standing jump
  • Tree tag
  • Star jumps
  • Step-ups


  • Balance / obstacle course (walk along path edge, use sticks, stepping stones)
  • Mirror exercises (Simon Says)
  • Sorting natural materials (by size, colour, texture)
  • Target practice (throw cones at a tree)


  • Tree hug
  • Tree lean 
  • Forest bathe (lie down and look up)

Let’s do this!  

We want your help to plot a sensory map of the city. Nature is in constant flux and each circuit will be unique depending on the season, what time of day you are doing it, weather conditions and of  course, your mood.

Ideally you will make sensory circuits a daily part of your life. Let us know how you get on using the hashtag #SensoryCircuitsSheffield


Natural environments are alive!  

Be responsible and considerate when doing your circuit. Take care to minimise damage by treading lightly, leaving plants to grow and staying on paths in woodlands. Leave no trace.  

Earn CU Credits with Sheffield Adventures

Head to 'explore more' at the bottom of the page for instructions on claiming your Children's University Credits. 

This Sheffield Adventure was written by Emily Whiteley - In-between the trees. 

  • A timer, phone or watch  
  • Possibly something to lie or sit on (piece of material, yoga mat, old coat, plastic bag, piece of cardboard)  
  • Paper, pen, crayons, pencil, camera 

See the websites below for more information and ideas on creating accessible and engaging nature experiences.

Wild Sheffield

Woodland Trust 

Sensory Trust

Earn Children's University Credits with Sheffield Adventures! Below are instructions on what to do:

  • Take part in this Sheffield Adventure. Each Adventure is worth 1 CU credit.
  • Email to share your learning, please include any pictures/videos as evidence.
  • For Sheffield CU members, please include the name of the Adventure you completed, your full name, DOB, school name and CU Passport to Learning number (found on the front page of your Passport under the consent sticker). Then we will inform Children's University of your great work!
  • For other CU members, please include the name of the Adventure and we will reply with the CU Activity Code so you can claim your credits.