See the sunrise

Suitable for:11 to 16, 16+

Watching the sunrise is good for our physical and mental health. It’s a peaceful, even meditative experience that can change the way we look at things.

And it couldn’t be easier. Just check the weather app or the Met Office site to find out what time the sun will rise. Then set your alarm so you can watch it.

Get the most out of sunrise

Pick a good spot. Can you see the sunrise from your window or garden? Remember that the sun rises from the East and so you’ll get the best view if you’re facing that way.

Watch and listen closely. Take at least one thing with you that you can record your experience on. You could make a video, take pictures, draw or make notes.

Go back again at sunset

See the differences as the sun goes down. Listen to the changing sounds and colours. Remember that the sun sets in the West and so you’ll get the best view if you’re facing that way. Take another photo or video, or make a new drawing – share them using #sheffieldsunrise #sheffieldsunset

A climbing frame at sunrise
A climbing frame at sunrise

Take some properly protective sunglasses and don’t look directly into the sun. If you fancy getting creative, you will need colouring pencils, chalks, paints and a sketchbook or paper. 

You can find out more about the science of sunrise here.

The moon also does some very interesting and dramatic things at different times of year. Find out more here.

The Tate have a beautiful online collection of sunrise and sunset paintings by William Turner.