Secret Agent

Suitable for:6 to 10

A good Secret Agent sees everything but is never seen. What kind of Secret Agent are you? 

Your mission, if you chose to accept, is to:

  • Create and fill in an ID CARD with your SECRET facts and a drawing of you in disguise. 
  • Sharpen your hiding, watching and creeping skills.
  • Create a Spy Lazer Maze with string tape and pegs.
  • Build a top secret base, using materials around the house, to return to after the mission. 
  • Solve mysteries and save the world from DOOM!

To make your ID card you could use a pencil, pens, card or paper. 

To make the Spy Lazer Maze you will need string, tape and pegs. Make sure you get permission first!

Your top secret base could be made out of bed sheets or you could get creative in any outside space you have access to. 

This activity was written by Growtheatre as part of the IVE-led initiative Bags of Creativity. You can read all about it in our Story.

Growtheatre is a theatre company with a difference, they develop theatre and creative projects inspired by their environment and landscape, bringing about a greater sense of community and belonging.

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