Scavenger Hunt from Thornbridge Outdoors

Suitable for:6 to 10

Imagine that you live out in the wild and – just like a wild animal – your survival depends on whether or not you can hunt for everything that you need in order to survive. 

Will you be able to scavenge everything from the list before time runs out??


You may only pick up natural objects (do not touch litter), the kitchen cupboards are off limits, you mustn't go through any gates or over any walls/fences/hedges, you can't climb anything, and no scavenging in public places. 

When you've done, you must make sure that the items collected (in particular live creatures) are returned to the exact spot where they were found. 

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On your scavenger hunt, make sure you know the following!

1. Where will you start from and where do you need to be (with your haul) when the time is up?

2. What is your time limit for this challenge? (30 minutes might work well!)

3. How will you know when the time is up? Will an adult let you know, or will you set an alarm?

4. Are you dressed appropriately for the weather (Do you need a raincoat, suncream or a woolly jumper?)

5. Where will you start from, and where do you need to be when your time is up?

6. Where can you hunt and where is out of bounds?

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