Project in a Box from Sheffield Theatres

We’ve teamed up with the Sheffield Childrens University to bring theatre into your home.

Writer Chris Bush has written a story, but she’s having trouble finishing it, she needs your help! Not only do you have to finish the script, but you need to become the director, designer and the star of the show as you create your own Shadowbox Puppet Theatre.

We’ve got six activities, filled with video workshops and guidance on storytelling techniques to bring your story to life.


1. Work through each activity in order. You may need some craft materials.

2. There’s numerous resources to help you create your production, including videos and music to accompany the show.

3. Remember to write your own ending to the script, be creative and put on a fantastic show!

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Download Sheffield Theatre's fantastic Project in a Box activity sheet for all the materials and instruction. 

For families

Every year we welcome thousands of young people and families through our doors and visit schools and colleges across South Yorkshire. We can’t wait until we can see you all again when we're able to reopen our doors. For now, we know that times are very strange and you’ve made massive shifts to adapt to what’s happening.

So, for the home-schooling heroes, the tireless teachers, the mini-makers and the future stars, we want to help to keep you equipped and entertained.

Here we’ve pulled together some of our resources, educational programmes and links to some brilliant activities that we’ve come across. Just take a look at our website

If you take part in our activities, or come across something you think we should share, we’d love to hear from you on our social media channels. See you there!

For theatre lovers

It’s lovely to see you here, we really miss you.

We can’t wait until we can reopen our doors. We’re looking forward to the brilliant nights, the magical matinees, the ‘I was there when...’ times. We’ll be here for the booming big numbers, the hear-a-pin-drop moments, the giggles and the gasps; for the twists, the turns, and the leap to your feet feelings. We’ll be together again.

For now, we know that times are challenging for everyone and we are sending our love to you and your nearest and dearest.

Until we can see you again, we’re sharing some of our favourite links and activities. So, if you’re looking for a dose of theatre while we’re all staying safe at home, here are a collection of treats brought right to your living room. Just take a look at our website