On the trail of Sheffield poetry

Suitable for:6 to 10, 11 to 16, 16+

Poetry has something to say to all of us. And it’s not hidden in libraries anymore. Poetry is everywhere. It’s on social media. It’s read aloud in cafes and bookshops. It’s live on stage, accompanied by music. And it’s out there in the streets.

What’s poetry got to do with me?

Everything. Poetry doesn’t have to be difficult or complicated. You don’t always have to have to study it to know what it means. Anything is a good subject for poem, especially the people and the things you care about in your life.

Why not try writing a list of possible subjects for a poem then have a go at one? It doesn’t have to be brilliant, it doesn’t have to change the world. And no, it doesn’t have to rhyme. It just has to be yours. Share your poetry online using #sheffieldpoetry

There are groups around Sheffield running online poetry and spoken word events, with opportunities to share ideas and listen to others. Search Facebook to see what’s coming up. 

What If? by Andrew Motion at Sheffield Hallam University
What If? by Andrew Motion at Sheffield Hallam University

If you want to write poems, all you need is a notebook, a pen and something you really want to say.

There’s tons of poetry out there. Every poet is different. Every reader is different. Go explore, find out what kind of poems you like. 

Kurious Arts are offering lots of virtual opportunities to share your poems and creative writing through their Quarentine Creative Challenges on their Instagram.

Hive South Yorkshire run virtual writing workshops.

You can download the Our Favourite Places Poetry Trail, a guide to public poetry in Sheffield on this page. 

Sheffield’s Off the Shelf festival, one of the biggest and most accessible word-fests in the UK, brings famous poets to the city every year. Read and get inspired by their website.