My Favourite Tree

Suitable for:6 to 10, 11 to 16

There are an estimated 4.5million trees in Sheffield. That’s more trees than people. As well as hanging out together in woods, they line our suburban streets, making Sheffield a very nice place to live.

Trees we see every day include sycamore, oak, and types of maple and birch. In the Botanical Gardens and other parks, you can see slightly more unusual trees, even some you would normally only see in other countries.

What’s your favourite tree?

Find a tree you like near where you live. Use the Woodland Trust app to identify it. Share a picture of your favourite tree using #sheffieldtrees, tell everyone what kind of tree it is and why you like it.

Create tree art

Make an artwork from textures and shapes of trees. You can create an artwork of a tree’s bark by holding a piece of paper on to it and rubbing the paper with charcoal or crayon. You can do the same with leaves. You could use the textures and shapes you collect to make a collage.

Frame it and share it

We’ve created a special frame for your artwork to give it the attention it deserves. You can download the frame on this page.


Find out more about Sheffield’s oldest, youngest and most unusual trees – and where you can find them – here.