Make your own Sheffield playlist

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Sheffield’s music scene is plugged into the whole planet, influencing and being influenced by pop culture everywhere, from London to Helsinki to New York to Tokyo. Why not give yourself a lesson in your city’s musical heritage – and find out what’s new – by compiling your own Sheffield playlist?

A history of the Sheffield musical universe in one sentence

In the late 1970s, punk collided with electronic experimentation to create bands such as Cabaret Voltaire, The Human League and Pulp, bands that in turn inspired Warp Records, whose unique taste – Aphex Twin, Flying Lotus etc – has confirmed Sheffield’s status as a musical melting pot, the only city in the world that could have produced the Arctic Monkeys, Otis Mensah and Toddla T.

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The artists and bands name-checked here are just a few of the more well known ones. To find out more about the individuals, the attitude and the innovation that made Sheffield music, check out these playlists:

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