Make your own juggling balls (from socks!)

Suitable for:0 to 5, 6 to 10, 11 to 16

How to make quick simple juggling balls from socks (with a choice to make them heavier for a better juggle).

You will need : 2 socks to make 1 ball

You will need 6 socks to make 3 balls.

How to make:

Scrunch 1 sock up and push inside another sock all the way to the toe end. Twist and fold the sock over itself, and over again or until it makes a ball and do the same to create the next 2 balls so you have a set of 3.

For a heavier set of 3 juggling balls you will need:

3 small x 1/2 cups of (uncooked) rice or dried lentils/ beans and 3 socks and 3 small plastic bags- like a sandwich bag, or nappy sack size.

How to make:

Measure out 1/2 a small cup of rice/ lentils place in the small plastic bag. Squeeze the air out of the bag and tie and knot. Put the bag of rice/ lentils in to a sock push it all the way to the toe end. Hold the contents at the toe end twist the sock and fold it over itself to create a ball. Depending on the size of sock you may have to fold it over itself more than once. Repeat the process to create the other 2 balls.

How to juggle 1 ball 2 balls 3 balls

Make sure you are in a space, away from anything that you could knock over or damage with yourself or the ball.

Start with 1 ball, holding your ball in your best hand throw it from hand to hand in a figure of 8 pattern with a scooping underarm throws. Let go of the ball toward the middle of your body and catch it towards the outside of your body carrying it back towards your middle to throw it again.

2 balls:

Start with a ball in each hand, throw the ball from weaker hand first, when the ball gets to its peak (about head height) throw the second ball up. The pattern should be throw 1 ball throw the 2nd ball then hopefully catch 1 ball, catch 2nd ball (throw , throw, catch , catch).

This may take a bit of practice, don't be put off if you find this tricky. This takes practice to get you throws correct so the catching is made easy.

Dont give up, keep trying you will succeed!

3 balls:

Start with 2 balls in one hand and 1 ball in the otherhand.
Start by throwing 1 ball from the hand that has 2 in. When it gets to its peak throw the second ball (same pattern as 2 ball juggle) when the 2nd ball gets to its peak throw the 3rd ball.

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This activity can be played with socks or pieces of material like a scarf or bandana. 

This activity was written by Greentop Circus as part of the IVE-led initiative Bags of Creativity. You can read all about it in our Story.

Greentop is a charity dedicated to circus arts. Working from our purposed fitted out circus centre in Brightside, they have over 20 years experience of professional circus training, youth circus and tailor made wellbeing programmes and events for schools, communities and business.

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