Make a magic garden

Suitable for:0 to 5

Warm up your body and imagination by making a magic garden.

To make a magic garden start by asking and thinking about...

What is in your garden?

What will it look like?

Next, clear a space where your garden will go.

Make your garden by drawing the things that will go inside it, or try using objects from around the house. Could a mirror become a pond?

Place each drawing or object, like a map, in the space.

Build your garden and bring it to life!

What can you do in your magic garden?

This activity was written by Chol as part of the IVE-led initiative Bags of Creativity. You can read all about it in our Story.

Chol are a theatre and arts company who bring live story-making experiences to children and young people in their everyday local communities across Yorkshire and England.

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