Lockdown Still Life

Suitable for:11 to 16

Still life painting depicts all kinds of man-made or natural objects - anything that isn't living can be included. 

The painting on the picture below by William Harnett contains objects that represent the artist's love of music. 

What to do 

Collect some objects that have meant something to you during lockdown. They can be big or small - maybe things you've used or objects that represent someone or something you are missing. 

When you have gathered all the objects, arrange them in a composition - this is a way of positioning things so they look good together. 

Now document your composition - you can do this by drawing it or by taking a photo. 

Share you creations

Share your creations with our city by using the hashtags #BagsofCreativity #CityofYoungMakers & #museumssheffield

Museums Sheffield have brought together some of the highlights from their regular #MondayMakes series of creative activities for families. Make your own mammoth from a milk carton, have a go a creating an Op Art masterpiece and more on their website.

Inspired by the still life paintings in Sheffield's art collection, this #MondayMakes shows how to create a still life photograph to represent your time in lockdown in this video