Listen to your surroundings

Suitable for:6 to 10, 11 to 16

By focusing on just one of our senses at a time, we can learn a lot about a place and about how we experience reality.

Try this

At home, in your local area, park or sit in your back garden if you have one. Close your eyes and just listen for one minute (time it). While you’re listening, record the minute on your phone or dictaphone.

As soon as the minute’s over, stop recording, open your eyes and try to write down every sound you heard.

Now compare your notes to the recording. What did you forget? And have you written anything down that isn’t on the recording?

Or you could try it like this

Try this with the people you live with or your friends. You could all listen at the same time and compare notes. Or listen one at a time, then join your notes together to make a narrative, documenting the sounds in a place over two, three, four minutes or longer.


A notebook, something to record with, and a safe place to stand or sit with your eyes closed!