Let's make a zine

Suitable for:6 to 10, 11 to 16, 16+

Sheffield has an ama-zing zine-scene! There’s even a Zine Fest every year (almost) where like-minded people get together, share their zines and have fun.

Sounds great, but what’s a zine?

A zine is a homemade magazine. Some zines are photocopied, others are hand-made one-offs, which is obviously very cool. You can make a zine on your own, with the people in your house or online with friends.

Some people make zines because they have something they want to say or because they want to share their passion for something. Some do it just because they like to make things. More often than not, it’s a mix of all three.

What can I put in my zine?

The great thing about zines is they can be about anything you want. If you like to draw comics, your zine could be a comic. Or it could be a mini-magazine about whatever you’re into – poetry, music, art, anything. If it’s what you love then someone else will love it too! Share images online using #sheffieldzines to show people what you’ve made and find some zine friends!


Depends on what you want your zine to look like. You’ll definitely need paper, scissors and a ruler. And unless you’re doing a black and white zine – which is fine by the way – you’ll need pens, pencils, paints, whatever you like to use.

Check out this video from US zinester Taira. In just under five minutes, Taira shows you how to make an 8-page zine from a single sheet of paper.

Sheffield’s Edge of the Universe have created a guide to making zines from making a template, to folding, cutting and sticking.

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