From My World to Yours

Suitable for:6 to 10

Your task is to explore your local area (indoors or outdoors) and re-imagine it as a fantasy world. You can use our daily prompts for inspiration. Or if you’re a super storyteller, create your own fantasy world!

To help you on your Adventure, below is an Explorer’s Checklist of 20 things to find and try to include in your fantasy world. To make your fantasy world even more exciting, try and mix up the items that you find. You could choose to find 8 to 10 things to find for your world. Or if you’re up for a real challenge, try and find all 20!

Make a Map

Every explorer knows how important maps are! So why don’t you make one that shows where you went on your Adventure? Don’t be afraid to make it look different to real maps. Your fantasy version of your local area is unique to you, so your map can be too.

If a map isn’t your thing, then how about making a postcard? You could draw what you imagine a place within your world would look like and write a short story about it! The choice is yours!

Our Daily Prompts

If you need some inspiration, why not use our daily imaginings as the starting point for your exploration?

  • For Monday, imagine that you’ve woken up to discover that everything is underwater.
  • On Tuesday, you’re a super secret spy! What is your mission?
  • Wednesday is the day that you crash landed on an alien planet. What does the planet look like? Are there any aliens?
  • For Thursday, pretend that you’ve been transported into the last film or tv show you watched.
  • Friday is the day when you wake up with superpowers! What are your powers and how do you use them?
  • On Saturday, everyone you know has been transformed into animals!
  • For Sunday, imagine that you’ve been transported 100 years into the future. What is the world like?

Share your fantasy map using #MySheffieldWorld

Make sure to download your Explorer’s Checklist on the top right hand of this page to help guide your imagination!

Unsure of what a fantasy map looks like? They draw and travel share creative examples of imaginary maps.

This Adventure was written by Chloe and Emily, two students at the University of Sheffield as part of our Transforming and Activating Places internship.